Invitation to a free screening of the movie “Cafeteria Yusukawa”

We will watch a film about Yusukawa, a nice little community in the mountains of Seiyo City. The elementary school there is closing this month (so sad!). There will be handmade pizza for sale (500 yen). Handmade ketchup will also be available! Translation of the poster: A story of a girl, tomatoes and love set in Yusukawa, Ehime. Nestled in the valleys of Ehime Prefecture sits a place called Yusukawa. Aside from its specialty – tomatoes – it’s nothing but a regular mountain village. The young people move away to the city and so the local population only falls. Haruko works at Cafeteria Yusukawa. She finds purpose in bringing smiles to the peoples’ faces with her tomato dishes. One day, a new doctor named Kurose comes to work at the local clinic… Date: Friday, April 1st Open: 18:30 Movie start: 19:00 Place: Yusukawa Community Center
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